Adv 561 Notes Mar 14

Adv 561 Notes Mar 14 - personal flare Nike allows you to...

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ADV 561 3/14 Four Emotional Spaces - Personal o Things like Facebook and twitter - Questing o Wikipedia Things like an earthquake in Japan will cause a lot of people to look in places like this - What can you do (products or services) to take care of the “me time”/ free up some time o Fast Food, food delivery companies o Concierge service o Convenience Sometimes however doing things that are convenient end up not being as convenient, like taking a lot of time in the express lane of the grocery store o Renewal and Reward Getting a credit card with benefits Zappos allowing a year to return a product - Connecting o Products or services related to connecting Beauty products, plastic surgery Clothing - Questing o Google, Quickie, Wikipedia - Individual Style o Branding the self Converse commercials that showcase how you add your own
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Unformatted text preview: personal flare Nike allows you to create your own shoes Hurley allows you to customize your apparel and shoes in store – cause marketing Motivational Process-A lot of companies do not track the effectiveness of the ads, which is very important The key to successful advertising online is not ambushing the consumer, but amplifying the passion for the market. Motivation and Emotion-Ads need to have emotion, and passion for the product in order to incite a need or want for the product in the consumer-Wants – this is what you want to appeal to in the consumer, the emotional satisfaction, not simply satisfying a need Types of Needs-Arousal – energy drinks like 5 hour energy-Cognition – the need for understanding by using things like Wikipedia...
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Adv 561 Notes Mar 14 - personal flare Nike allows you to...

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