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Adv 561 Notes Mar 17 - -Self Concept o Feeling better about...

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Adv 561 3/17 Attitude Function Theory - Persuasive Appeals o Factual Appeals Giving information in order to persuade people to purchase it. This was often seen in older ads when new products came into the marketplace An example of this is Smoking ads today, when they list facts about smoking o Celebrity Endorsers Sports, Skin care, Beauty Products often use this tactic - The Adjustment Function o Pain killer advertisement o Benefits of using the brand Example: Clorox bleach, which sock looks better - Customer moods o Advertisements that create a positive mood Coke, with polar bears Beer commercials during the super bowl Target advertisements o A bad mood causes a bad name recall - Hedonic Consumption o Sensory pleasure Cinnabun, or Wetzels Pretzels which cause you to want to buy the product after smelling it Not only true to food products, but also clothing like Abercrombie and Fitch - Enduring Involvement o Old Spice Deodorant – a great experience with the product, and receiving positive feedback about the use of the product
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Unformatted text preview: -Self Concept o Feeling better about the self-Compulsive Buyers o Those who simply buy to buy a product, to gain an emotional high End Notes first section of notes Experiences = Value-Esthetic Experiences o Hotel Rooms: nicely designed rooms The more esthetic experience you have, the more reason a consumer has for coming back o Restaurants: subdued lighting, artwork, features to create a pleasant environment o Retail: creating the lighting inside in order to attract people in Nordstrom: nicely adorned stores, comfortable, relaxing environment-Engaged Experiences o Example: Chipotle- where you build your burrito any way you want it o Retail Example: Apple stores, where you can go, test out and experience the products before purchasing-Entertainment o Sports Bar – watching sports o Medieval Times- entertainment while eating o Dave and Busters – entertainment after eating...
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Adv 561 Notes Mar 17 - -Self Concept o Feeling better about...

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