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Com 300 1.21 - Com 300 1/21/10 What is Communication?...

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Com 300 1/21/10 What is Communication? Diagram SMCR Source Message Channel Receiver Com Skills Content Seeing Com Skills Attitudes Elements Hearing Attitudes Knowledge Treatment Touching Knowledge Social System Structure Smelling Social System Culture Code Tasting Culture Notes on Diagram -Notice that the Source and the receiver are the same. -You can deconstruct a message in many different ways -The Channel concludes that a message can’t simply be seen or heard it has to incorporate all of the other aspects of the five senses. Examples: Consoling someone by not just saying it but by touching or embracing. Food at a luncheon being bad can send a message. When someone is trying to sell a house they bake cookies so that they can evoke a sense or create a certain experience. Someone who wears too much cologne or perfume. How you appear can be a very important aspect. Diagram Messages > 1 Person A 2 ------------------------------------------------------------- Person B > 3 4 ------------------------------------------------------------- Notes on Diagram - No two communications are the same. Each time we communicate we end up at a different place because it is between two people.
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Notes: What is Communication? (Continued) Part 2 of Basic Definition Communication is the process of creating a meaning between two or more people. -When we study communication it is a lot more complex than it may appear. We need to understand where the people are coming from, their background, and their culture even. A. What Is Communication?
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Com 300 1.21 - Com 300 1/21/10 What is Communication?...

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