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Com 300 1.28 - Com 300 1.28.10 Left off last class The...

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Com 300 1.28.10 Left off last class… The Scientific Method Notes: I . Social Science = Quantitative and Qualitative A. Quantitative: Human behavior is translated into calculated, numerical terms (statistic) a. Turning attitudes and behavior into numbers b. Why? b.i. To make predictions about and explain human behavior b.ii. Running statistics gives us the ability to do this b.iii. They give us precision B. Qualitative Research in Social Science a. How can social sciences be qualitative a.i. Still uses the scientific method a.ii. You can be unbiased when you make interpretations a.ii.1. How do you do that? a.ii.1.a. Soliciting support from other researchers of the same category a.ii.1.b. Record the situation, bring in multiple coders a.ii.1.b.i. Coders are those who mathematically record every situation that has been observed a.ii.1.c. For example, describe in detail specific techniques and procedures- coding is a systematic process C. Types of Quantitative Research a. Experiments a.i. Cause and effect, highly explanatory b. Surveys b.i. Correlations; based on “feelings” and “perceptions” b.ii. Experiments v. Surveys b.ii.1. Experiments only allow for a case to have a cause effect, or that something leads to something else. Surveys can only say or demonstrate patters between variables. b.ii.1.a. The survey: the survey is really relying on the respondent (this can be effected by dishonesty) c. Content Analyses ( a lot of media studies are content analyses) c.i. Counting frequency
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Com 300 1.28 - Com 300 1.28.10 Left off last class The...

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