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Com 300 2.4 - Com 300 2.4.10 Left off last class Hypotheses...

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Com 300 2.4.10 Left off last class… Hypotheses Hypothesis: An expectation about events based on generalizations of the assumed relationship between variables We say events because it can encompass anything and everything you might do a Research Study on It is an expectation not just an inquiry. A. Requirements of Hypotheses a. Hypotheses must state relationships between variables a.i. How one effects the other a.i.1. Example: The lower the tone of a communicator’s voice, the more likely that communicator will be perceived as trustworthy B. Hypotheses must be consistent with what is known in literature a. You better have a lot of data that enables you to make a claim ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: C. Hypotheses must be testable a. You have to demonstrate that you can easily study something. a.i. If you can’t find a good way to test it, it may not be a good RQ Example: “Public speaking instruction improves self-=confidence better than oral interpretation instruction” vs. Public speaking instruction increases self-confidence more than oral interpretation” D. Hypotheses must be clear, grammatical, and unambiguous declarative sentences a. Predictable Declarative Statement: are sentences that make claims rather than ask question, give commands, or express wishes. Example: (Poorly Written) “Communicators in Latino families differ from communicators in Anglo families” This is extremely broad and there are going to be many exceptions. It is ambiguous Independent Variables
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A. IV’s (Input Variables) a. Predict outcomes (DV’s) posited in hypotheses; input variables. The
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