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Com 300 3.11.10 Guest Speaker: Wissott You have to establish identification. Focus Groups: Gathering Qualitative Data by “lighting a fire” and obtaining the best data -What do messages have as an effect on the audience? Example: Why are parents pulling students from public schools to enroll them in private schools? -Split groups into two sections (8-16 per group) - Prospective families wanting to enroll in private schools, or those who pulled from public and enrolled in private -Screening questions were asked in order to gather participants for focus groups(by cold calling) -Once people are chosen for groups, the meeting is done -Trust must be built with focus group so that they would open up about personal
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Unformatted text preview: and private issues-Over-recruiting is always a good idea-During focus groups there needs to be direction so that one person does not dominate the focus group(however allowing depth and breadth of that answer)-Also gathering clear black and white answers can be difficult-After the focus group, an analysis is done of the data Direct response shows what men and women like in particular language used during a call. -Ex. The call is done by a professional actor calling an actual mortgage broker. -Understanding demographics and psychographics of target audiences benefits Corporate Inteligence which is key in today’s market...
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