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Com 300 3.23 - Com 300 3.23.10 Class Notes Schedule a time...

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Com 300 3.23.10 Class Notes Schedule a time to meet with Professor Stolzfus about your paper next week —WE DO NOT HAVE CLASS. The Nass et. al article WILL be on the exam even though we do not go over it in class. The format of the test will be the same as last week. Notes: Focus Groups Location 1. Same location (traditional) a. People sitting around a table talking about their opinions 2. Different locations a. Geographical dispersant a.i. Chat rooms a.ii. Net Meeting a.iii. Web Worlds (e.g. Second Life) a.iii.1. Second life is much like the SIMS The Focus Group Method (5 steps) 1. Assembling the groups a. One of the most important things you will have to deal with is how you will get people to be there, to entice them b. Any less than six is pointless b.i. How people feed off each other and the dynamic is the most important part 2. Preparing study mechanics a. Prepare consent forms a.i. Everyone must sign off on what they will do a.ii. It is very crucial that the participants agree to be recorded a.iii. Need appropriate approvals from the university a.iii.1. This is because there is no anonymity in a focus group which is usually an extremely important aspect of studies b. Deciding whether you want 1 or 2 moderators b.i. If you have two it will be a primary and an assistant b.i.1. The assistant will simply observe and possibly chime in for clarification b.i.2. They will keep time and take notes on feedback 3. Preparing focus group session materials and questions a. Everyone should have a water/something to drink and a snack a.i. People tend to talk more and be in a better mood when they have
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Com 300 3.23 - Com 300 3.23.10 Class Notes Schedule a time...

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