40 - Friday December 3 2010 Lecture 40 Announcements 1 The...

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Friday, December 3, 2010 Lecture 40 Announcements: 1. The final exam will be held in STATLER AUD on Monday 12/13 at 2PM . 2. Quiz 10: A 22.8 B 21.7 C 21.3 Bring any quiz 10 for regrading to review sessions or office hrs during Study Week. Pick up any regraded quizzes at the Bio Center. 3. Reminder: Review sessions and office hours during Study Week are as posted on Blackboard. Prof's review session will be Wed 12/8 from 10AM - noon in room 132 of Goldwin Smith Hall. 4 . Note that the VOH will be open until the final exam. Wednesday's lecture: Control of overall metabolism is via hormones. . one category or hormones operates via G-proteins and adenylyl cyclase . another category also operates via G-proteins of a slightly different type, which then activate a phospholipase C that is specific for PIP 2 Today's lecture: At the top left of page 283, you see a different hormone mechanism-- that of steroid hormone action. Overall story: a. Steroid hormones, being predominantly nonpolar, pass through membranes. Once inside the cytosol, they typically enter the nucleus and bind to a receptor protein inside the nucleus. b. Inside the nucleus, the hormone-receptor complex binds to a specific part of DNA, a larger complex assembles, and then the rate of mRNA transcription changes. At the bottom of page 283, note the primary structure (amino acids shown as 1-letter abbreviations) of a steroid receptor. This protein has loops that project from it. These loops are the so-called "Zn-fingers" because of the coordinated zinc atom that stabilizes the projections. . The zinc fingers bind the DNA major groove (see LG p. 39).
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40 - Friday December 3 2010 Lecture 40 Announcements 1 The...

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