39 - Wednesday December 1 2010 Lecture 39 Announcements The...

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 Lecture 39 Announcements : The final exam will be held in Statler Auditorium Monday 12/13 starting at 2:00PM. Do the last PyMOL assignment on G Proteins. Fo Hsu’s PyMOL reviews will be on Tu 12/7 in 251 Malott Hall, the other on Sunday 12/12. Computer lab office hours in Carpenter Hall on Sunday 12/12, 3 – 5PM. Prof's course review session will be Wed 12/8 10AM - noon in Room 132 of Goldwin Smith Hall and will be put on the web later that day. You will find it on the Lecture Notes web page. Check the reviews and office hours for the final exam, posted on Blackboard for Study Week. If you want to have Quiz 10 regraded, bring it to any of the office hours next week. Monday's lecture : The deadly “lesion” in arteries is not a “deposit” like a precipitate inside a pipe, but instead is a growth of cells in the lining of the artery. The worst problem is not the narrowing of the artery, but that blood clots form on surface of the growth, then break off and cause sudden, complete loss of blood flow to some part of the heart. N 2 fixation occurs in just a few types of bacteria, resulting in NH 4 + formation. Most NH 4 + formation starts from nitrate in the soil or seas. In bacteria and plants, NH 4 + is then incorporated into Glu and Gln, from there into the other amino acids. Animals get the N from amino acids in the diet. The AA are precursors for a wide range of N-containing compounds. General picture of control of all metabolism: how do hormones work? Today's lecture : Page 280: Many hormone receptors function in the following way: (This is the mechanism for glucagon, epinephrine, vasopressin and many other hormones that stimulate adenylate cyclase . This mechanism is also part of vision, and part of smell sensation. These are the “details” that were omitted from LG page 198!): 1. In a "resting state ", the inactive hormone receptor
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39 - Wednesday December 1 2010 Lecture 39 Announcements The...

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