37 - Monday Lecture 37 Announcements 1 Reading Problems as...

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Monday, November 22, 2010 Lecture 37 Announcements: 1. Reading & Problems as in LG for 11/22 & 11/24. No PyMOL assignment for the week. 2. The last quiz, the "make-up quiz", will be given on Wed 12/1. It will cover the 3 lectures from last week, 11/15, 17 and 19, and today 11/22. A student can turn in this make-up quiz if and only if fewer than 9 quizzes have been taken. A student might have missed one of the 9 quizzes already given for any reason-- the reason is not important. (no PyMOL on this last quiz). This is a typical quiz, given in class at the start of the Wed 12/1 lecture "as usual". 3. You are eligible for the make-up final exam on 12/15 if you have a conflict: 3 exams within 24 hours, or else a direct conflict with the scheduled exam time. If you have 1 other final exam on 12/13, this is not a conflict: you must take the regularly scheduled exam on 12/13. Let prof know about the nature of your conflict before NOON on 11/24 . 4. No class on Wednesday 11/24. 5. No office hours or review sessions this week. 6. Reviews and office hours for Study Week are now posted on Blackboard. The Monday review covers material through glycolysis; Tuesday review covers the rest. 7. Want to do something about hydraulic fracking in NY State? See Tom Yaros to sign a petition, and go to the website, cleanwaternotdirtydrilling.org/ 8. CU GEM info session: Tuesday 11/30 at 5:00PM in Phillips 219. CU GEM is looking for students from a variety of backgrounds to participate in the international competition for genetically engineered machines. Friday's lecture: . gluconeogenesis main site is the liver main starting molecules: lactate and Ala "bypass" of only 3 steps of glycolysis main regulation: pyruvate carboxylase, which requires acetyl-CoA . Calvin Cycle: the ATP and NADPH that are formed as a result of light-driven e - transport drive the Calvin Cycle: in Stage 1 CO 2 is fixed; in Stage 2 hexose is synthesized; in Stage 3 starting material is regenerated. Today's lecture: (Note-- prof apologizes for speeding through the lecture below. This was necessary so that we could cancel the Wed class) p. 260 Fatty acid biosynthesis: Compare the biosynthesis of palmitoyl Co-A with the total breakdown of a 16:0 fatty acid (actually palmitoyl CoA) by beta-oxidation. Unlike the case of gluconeogenesis/glycolysis, the two sets of reactions are NOT reversals of each other: (These equations have been kept as simple as possible to facilitate comparison, so ATP, ADP, P i are not shown). β -oxidation :
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Palmitoyl Co-A + 7 FAD + 7 NAD + + 7 H 2 0 + 7 CoA 8 Acetyl Co-A + 7 FADH 2 + 7 NADH + 7 H + fatty acid synthesis: Acetyl CoA + 7 Malonyl Co-A + 14 NADPH + 14 H + Palmitic Acid + 7 CO 2 + 14 NADP + + 6 H 2 O + 8 CoA BIOSYNTHESIS IS NOT THE REVERSE, AT ANY STEP, OF β -OXIDATION: 1. There are no enzymes in common . 2.
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37 - Monday Lecture 37 Announcements 1 Reading Problems as...

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