Descartes Review

Descartes Review - Descartes Points: There must be an...

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Descartes Points: - There must be an “I” in order to have doubts, thoughts, and be able to be deceived. Therefore I exist. o Such reasoning does not work for things such as walking, because actions can be doubted. Thoughts can’t really be doubted because doubts are thoughts. - Wax example: o Sensible properties can change, but our knowledge that though such properties may change, the object remains the same comes from intellect. o Intellect tells that objects are extended, flexible, and changeable. o It’s impossible to imagine objects such as the wax, as objects can change into an infinite number of different shapes, sizes etc. and his imagination cannot comprehend all of them. o His perception based on senses can be either imperfect or confused, while when mental scrutiny is applied it can be clear and distinct. o Clear and distinct perceptions come by means of intellect alone. - Three sources for ideas: o Innate, inborn ideas o Adventitious, coming from outside (sensory perceptions) Not to be trusted. For instance, sun looks very small according to our senses, but from astronomical reasoning, it is very large. o Invented, imagined. - No effect can have a greater amount of reality than its cause. Everything that comes into being must be made to be by something that has an equal or greater amount of reality. o The first cause of an idea must be something with at least as much formal reality as the idea has objective reality. - God must exist because he has the idea of a perfect God. He is a finite being, and therefore can not come up with the perfect idea of God that he has clearly and distinctly . Hence, God, the only perfect being, must have been the one to put the idea in his head, and thus exists. The idea of God must also be innate. o If an idea/object’s properties can be conceived in one’s intellect clearly and distinctly it must be true. -
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Descartes Review - Descartes Points: There must be an...

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