21 - Friday Lecture 21 Announcements 1 Make-up exam for...

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Friday, October 15, 2010 Lecture 21 Announcements: 1. Make-up exam for midterm: Sunday (not Saturday!) 10/24, noon - 2:30PM. In order to take this exam, you must be on my list (exam conflict; 3 exams in 24hr), or be sick on 10/21 (and please do let me know about that, too, if you can). 2. Note that the midterm exam will be comprehensive, up to and including LG p. 148. 3. Meet today at 2:55PM in Comstock B108 to discuss “How to study for this course”. There will be no discussion of what material will be on the exam (that discussion will take place in class Monday 10/18 at the end of lecture). This Friday discussion will be posted as an addendum to this lecture. 4. The date for the final exam is Monday 12/13/10, 2 - 4:30PM , in Statler auditorium. There will be a make-up final exam, but that date must be AFTER 12/13 in order to accommodate any students who are sick on 12/13. Sorry for any inconvenience, but please do not contact the prof to ask for a special early final exam . 5. Reminder: pick up any quizzes that you did not get in class at the Reserve Desk of the Biology Center, 2 nd floor of Stimson Hall. Wednesday's lecture: . general properties of a biological membrane . types of fatty acyl chains found in membranes . structure of 2-chain lipids . action of phospholipases Today's lecture: p. 155 Let's look at the manner in which some membrane proteins are bound to the lipid bilayer. Note here a general principle: the part of the protein that is in contact with the hydrocarbon interior of the bilayer must be largely nonpolar. This contrasts with the case for water-soluble proteins, which have a nonpolar core. Consider the 6 modes shown in the diagram: 1. A single run of α -helix runs through the bilayer. This helix has mostly nonpolar residues (e.g. a run of 20 - 25 nonpolar AA). An additional "bilayer anchor" is shown, a
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21 - Friday Lecture 21 Announcements 1 Make-up exam for...

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