18 - Wednesday October 6 2010 Lecture 18 Announcements Have...

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Lecture 18 Announcements: Have a prelim conflict for Thursday 10/21? Meet briefly after class today to determine the date/time for the make-up prelim. (This meeting has now occurred. The make-up exam will be Sunday 10/24 from noon - 2:30PM. Room to be announced. Send Prof. F. an e-mail! You MUST send an e-mail, describe your conflict, then you get onto “the list”) Monday's lecture: conventions for illustration of mechanism of an enzyme-catalyzed rxn step-by-step mechanism of chymotrypsin Today's lecture: Page 137. Now let's consider another topic of enzyme chemistry: why do proteins have non-amino acid components? Here are some reasons: 1. Amino acid chemistry is limited! For example, side chains cannot have a positive charge any more concentrated than the NH 3 + positive charge. 2. Amino acids have little ability to take part in reversible oxidation/reduction reactions, except the breaking of disulfide bonds. But enzyme -S-S- transition to SH & SH is not used often in catalysis since enzyme structure can change when disulfide bonds are broken! . For these and many more reactions, enzymes incorporate specialized small molecules and ions. As this course progresses, you will notice many non-amino acid constituents at the enzyme active sites. p. 138
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18 - Wednesday October 6 2010 Lecture 18 Announcements Have...

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