1 - Wednesday BIOMG 3310 Lecture 1 Professor Feigenson...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010 BIOMG 3310 Lecture 1 Professor Feigenson Welcome to this class! In this Blackboard version of the lecture notes, we assume that you have on hand a copy of the Lecture Guide for reference. The way the course is set up is described on pp. 1 & 2 of the Lecture Guide. Read these pages before you e-mail the prof to ask for info that is already on these pages! The required text for this course is available at the campus store: Lehninger Biochemistry, 5th edition. The text is also on 2-hour reserve at Mann library. The Lecture Guide (LG) is available only at Kraftees in Collegetown. If the LG is not available, ask Kraftees to make another copy for you . The LG is invaluable to the course, and you MUST purchase one. (Bring it to class daily). Included with the LG is a CD that you will use for molecular graphics exercises, which are assigned most weeks. Notice pp 5-6 show the approximate sequence of lecture and problem assignments. Use the reading assignments to stay ~ one lecture ahead of the actual lectures, if possible. The problem assignments are also shown, but will be confirmed in class for each week, because changes are possible depending upon lecture pace. If you have not had organic chemistry, please speak to Professor Feigenson. Easy to catch him at office hours, Thursdays 10 - noon. But here is what the prof told the ~ 20 students who came to the front of the room after the lecture, who have not yet taken organic chemistry: 1. Most of the info you will need is in the first two chapters of the text. These are review chapters, not otherwise assigned for this course. 2. Have an orgo text within reach. This does not need to be a recent edition. Even a 30-year-old text will be fine. 3. Immediately learn to recognize these functional groups: alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and esters, and amides. 4. Be on the alert for unfamiliar words, e.g. "chiral" or "nucleophilic" and look them up right away. If you have a problem that will affect your performance in this course, e.g. affect your exam-taking, e-mail the prof now . Do not wait a few weeks. This might be as straightforward as a broken arm, or as complex as relatives harmed by the flooding in Pakistan. Whatever it is, let the prof know about anything that has an impact on your test-taking or your learning in this course. Have a cell phone? Make sure it is OFF before the lecture starts!
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The grading system will be based on weekly Wednesday quizzes, an evening mid-term exam on Thursday 10/21 and a comprehensive final exam on Monday 12/13. Quizzes are once a week - every Wednesday beginning on September 8. They will happen during the first 15 minutes of each Wednesday lecture period, so don't be late to the Wednesday class . Details of the grading system will be discussed in class on Friday 8/27. Today
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1 - Wednesday BIOMG 3310 Lecture 1 Professor Feigenson...

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