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One hot topic pressing state and local government is the debate of allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a drivers license. When terrorist attacked the New York trade center an investigation revealed the hijacker had valid driver licenses without US citizenship. A driver license is one of the sole pieces of documentation that says you are who you say you are. It identifies a person with validation. Some states had made it harder to possess a valid drivers license but many states still issue this precious commodity even after 911. Shouldn’t every state require proof of citizenship before issuing a driver license? In many cases this is just not true. A.R.”Mac” MacCahan a retired army Colonel asked, “"What part of illegal don't you understand?" Others ask, why reward people who have committed at least three felonies: illegal entry into the U.S., purchasing fraudulent documents to get a job, and misrepresenting the legality of those documents at the workplace”? How much simpler can this issue be? The Seattle Times reported that one U.S. Department of Justice raid discovered cash close to $100,000, thousands of dollars in
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week+4+group+paper+draft+717pm - jaffa

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