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Lex McLean Mr. Intermaggio Mod Fic Per.8 1/3/11 Take Home Assessment SH-5 Short Answers 3. Two recurring images in Slaughterhouse-five are the colors “blue and ivory”. Billy feet are blue and ivory when he is walking through Ilium, New York barefoot. When in the boxcar on the way to a German POW camp, his hands are the same color and are described as a “blue and ivory claw” seen holding onto a vent. Another time anything is described by these colors is when Billy sees the hobo die. His feet are described as blue and ivory as well. 5. In chapter 4 of the book, Billy watches a movie about WWII backwards.
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Unformatted text preview: Passage ID B. This passage is about when Paul Lazzaro blames billy for Roland Wearys death. He also makes a promise to get his revenge in honor of Weary. After he says this, he tells stories about past times he had gotten his revenge, because Lazzaro always gets his revenge. C. This passage is about Billy witnessing a hobo dying. His last words were “You think this is bad? This ain't bad.”...
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