accounting 205 db unit 1 journals

accounting 205 db unit 1 journals - $3,000 *land $10,000...

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Manufacturing Company XYZ COMPANY INCOME STATEMENT YEAR ENDING MARCH 31,2011 REVENUES * services to customers $12,000 EXPENSES *advertising- $2,000 *utilities- $1,000 $3,000 NET INCOME $9,000 MANUFACTURING COMPANY XYZ COMPANY BALANCE SHEET MONTHLY: MARCH 31,2011 ASSETS *cash $26,000 *accounts recievable
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Unformatted text preview: $3,000 *land $10,000 TOTAL ASSETS $39,000 LIABILITIES *accounts payable $800 *notes payable 20,000 TOTAL LIABILITIES $28,000 STOCKHOLDER'S EQUITY *capital stock $20,000 RETAINED EARNINGS $4,000 TOTAL STOCKHOLDERS EQUITY $34,000 TOAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY $39,000...
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