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ACCT205 Unit 4 DB

ACCT205 Unit 4 DB - audit may be referred to as an...

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ACCT205 Unit 4 DB Cheri Bolin June 28, 2011 An audit is an elementary part of any organizations process. It is conducted not only to protect consumers but the organization and its stakeholders as well. The audit considers both internal and external influences of an organization. Auditors use tools to evaluate the performance of an organization, such as the SWOT analysis for the internal and external environments involved. An
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Unformatted text preview: audit may be referred to as an “umbrella” that protects its customers, community and stakeholders. The external environment is examined on both micro and macro levels. An audit can be defined as a “broad methodical sovereign that performs sporadic examinations” of an organizations actions and assets in order to determine trouble areas and possibilities and to advise an action plan if needed....
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