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Unit 5 group - Paid Provide Unparalleled Amount Financiallyviable ThemergerofAllergan,Inc&InamedCorp. ,Intraga

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Paid Provide Unparalleled Amount Financially viable impacts on the firms since the beginning. One positive impact from the merger was the addition of Inameds’ reputable and most  sought after  BioEnterics,  Intragastric Balloon (BIB)® used to promote weight loss and  the BioEnterics, LAP-BAND® System,, which was the first FDA approved adjustable  stomach banding device to promote weight loss as well.  The second positive impact from the merger was the financially viable gain too Allergan.  Although they remunerated approximately $3.2 Billion in stock and money to acquire  Inamed, the merger has greatly benefited both firms and has presented an unparalleled  amount of market growth and financial gain  One negative impact the Allergan & Inamed merger faced was; Inamed was required by  contract and the FTC to immediately return all research and development related to  Reloxin (botulinumtoxin type A) product to its manufacturer, Ipsen Ltd. Inamed was in  the being of a possible merger with Ipsen, Ltd., during the time Allergan, Inc. presented  their proposal to acquire Inamed. The second negative impacts the two firms are faced with are; the possibility of failure to  predict, recognize or respond to a competitor’s product or alter in associated  marketplace or a change in consumer preferences may result in an unforeseen plummet  in revenue and/or product sales. For instance, if the Botox® cosmetics product fails to  appeal to consumers needs anymore, or a competitor’s proposal of a more effective and 
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reasonably priced product that offers the same results as Allergan’s Botox® cosmetics  product. Botox ® Cosmetic is a consumer product. If we fail to anticipate, identify or to react to competitive products or if consumer preferences in the cosmetic marketplace shift to other treatments for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines, we may experience a decline in demand for Botox ® Cosmetic. In addition, the popular media has at times in the past produced, and may continue in the future to produce, negative reports and publicity regarding the efficacy, safety or side effects of Botox ® Cosmetic. Consumer
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Unit 5 group - Paid Provide Unparalleled Amount Financiallyviable ThemergerofAllergan,Inc&InamedCorp. ,Intraga

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