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ECON224 U2 DB - ECON224 Unit 2 DB Cheri Bolin To Managing...

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ECON224- Unit 2 DB Cheri Bolin July 28, 2011 To: Managing Director From: Cheri Bolin, Executive Assistant Date: July 28, 2011 Re: Participation of Tax Efficient Financial Planning Director, After attending the seminar, I was able to compile a list if you will, of different vehicles that our clients may utilize to decrease the assorted types of taxations on income tax, capital gains tax and estate tax. Capital assets are things such as your home and all its furnishings and personal stocks and bonds, etc. Contributing to a retirement account with tax deferred benefits such as a 403b or 401k would be ideal for taxation and ensures a nest egg for the future. Annuities could be a model tax efficiency depending upon your individual situation. Donating to a charity, a trust or establishing a charitable gift account would be superlative. Traditional IRA’s as many of you may know, are a great way to reduce taxations. As long as you don’t withdrawal
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