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ENGL106 – Unit 4 DB Cheri Bolin June 29, 2011 Effective: Unit 1 IP During some point in time throughout our lives, we are faced with many trials and errors. We choose right and wrong decisions based on common sense, knowledge and instinct. Therefore, when we’ve made errors in our judgments due to the lack of sense, knowledge and bad instinct; it is at that moment reality sets in and it feels like a slap in the face. Everyone can relate to this, no one person is alike, our lives are not perfect nor will they be flawless. While not every person has the will power or strength to overcome difficult decisions; others will make the best out of
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Unformatted text preview: what they have and find a positive outcome. Ineffective: Unit 3 IP Long before our time, each court had its own jurisdiction defined. When a court exceeded its jurisdiction, a person would go to that court that had jurisdiction, and ask for an order directing the court stop its proceedings and release jurisdiction to the proper court. The phrase, "habeas corpus," meaning, "you have the body" was put at the end of pleadings to the second court asking that the first court be required to produce the body if it was being held....
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