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Past Reflections u5 IP - Past Reflections I have always...

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Past Reflections I have always thought of writing as a passion. Personally I do not think of writing as a talent, or a hobby. To me writing has always been about letting other people into my thoughts, ideas, and my soul. When I was younger, I despised writing. I thought that I was a horrible writer, and that I had no talent in this field. Then one day, out of blue I had an epiphany; good writers aren’t born, they’re made. Now I believe that it is up to the writer to develop that zeal, and sharpen their skills and vocabulary. However, over these past few months writing has become a struggle once again. Nonetheless, this composition class has helped me grow as a writer, and discover my strengths and weaknesses. This course has helped me set apart personal writing, from academic writing. I discovered that I have always written essays in a personal format. Academic writing usually needs some research, opinions supported with facts, and word count requirements. While personal writing is more freestyle. This composition class helped me realize that I have taken for granted writing in a layout where I can express an opinion on a topic, and be free to say whatever I wanted to; there was no right or wrong answer. During this class I have learned to use a different level of thinking for my papers; which in turn has changed my confidence as a writer. In my past academic years I have never had to actually work for a grade. No English course I have taken has proven to be a challenge, until now. I have always known procrastination to be a vast flaw of mine, but this time around I paid the price. Most of my papers were written the night before in previous English courses, and I still manage to average an ‘A’ on all of them. This awful habit led me to believe that I was cheating myself. Freshman composition led me down a road towards a huge awakening. One of the major problems I met throughout my writing was the difficulty to analyze and answer the questions on topic. I knew what message or idea was I was trying to convey and assumed that the audience would know it too. I would often find myself writing about my topics using my freedom of speech. I was not realizing that in a formal essay I have a limited liberty to express myself. Thus, presenting another fault in my confidence as a writer. Although these challenges have presented themselves I know with due time I shall overcome them, and be the award winning journalist I aspire to be. Writers face numerous challenges when composing an essay, especially in order to be successful. Occasionally an effortless assignment will be given out, such as the narrative assignment. I have always thought of myself as a superb storyteller, and this assignment allowed me to put my narrative ability to work. Achieving such an excellent grade on my first college paper made me a little overconfident. When I speak I have no troubles declaring my position on a given topic. Yet, when it came to writing about my position I stumbled upon immense trouble. The position paper
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Past Reflections u5 IP - Past Reflections I have always...

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