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ENGL107- Unit 2 DB Cheri Bolin July 29, 2011 For our Unit 2 DB assignment, I found an editorial written by Arnold S. Relman: Ownership Issue Can Compromise Patient Care, written in January 2008. In Unit 1, I chose to discuss and research patient care issues in healthcare. I have been a healthcare worker for eight years now. I began as a CNA at the young age of eighteen and I absolutely loved caring for others in need. Unfortunately, I know inside and out, the issues involved with healthcare and patient care. For many, it is a money making business rather than the treatment and prevention of care and ailments. The article I chose, speaks of the “Big business” and large chain corporations that have taken over, more than half of the U.S. nursing facilities. The author speaks about a facilities’ main financial reimbursement being Medicaid and Medicare, while a small amount comes from private insurances, etc. He spoke of the way patient care and staffing was cut back so that these companies can make larger profits. I agree with the author 100 %. Large corporations “cut corners” by taking away unnecessary
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