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ENGL107 Unit 1 DB - ENGL107 Unit 1 DB Cheri Bolin In...

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ENGL107 Unit 1 DB Cheri Bolin July 19, 2011 In choosing my topic I found that beginning my pre-writing strategies with brainstorming has been very beneficial to my writing knowledge. I find that writing pertinent information down as my main topics helps me to begin my thought process. Once I have a starting point I write down the sub-topics that are relevant to my paper. Free writing is one of my best qualities. I can write forever it seems especially when it’s a subject that really gets my attention. Brainstorming and pre-writing was very beneficial to me in writing my DB this week. The topic I chose was Healthcare issues in patient care. There are so many issues involved with patient care; I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Title: Issues in Healthcare related to Patient Care. Thesis statement: Healthcare facilities in the U.S. will see a major increase in negative patient feedback, if drastic improvement is not made in the near future.
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