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ENGL107- Unit 3 DB Cheri Bolin August 3, 2011 Thesis statement: The Healthcare Industry has seen an unprecedented amount of appalling occurrences of elder abuse within facilities over the past few decades. Supporting points and ideas: Caregivers, neglect to carry out their responsibilities to provide needed care to patients across the U.S; whether it is an administrator of a facility or healthcare workers. Inadequate staffing rests in the hands of the administrators that hire poor staff and those administrators that choose to hire too little staff. Administrators are often faced with a shortage of staff due to unfavorable working conditions. Poor hiring standards, lack of applicable candidates, and scarce funding resources
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Unformatted text preview: leave healthcare facilities ill-prepared and in a never ending bad cycle of staffing problems. Inadequate management and staffing, lead to cutting corners on care and increased occurrences of neglect and abuse of elders. References Communicating With Patients . (2006 - 2011). Retrieved August 3, 2011, from American Hospital Association: http://www.aha.org/aha/issues/Communicating-With-Patients/index.html Neglect and Self-Neglect. (2008). Retrieved August 1, 2011, from National Commitee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse.: http://www.preventelderabuse.org/elderabuse/neglect.html...
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