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Information Assurance Specialization College of Technology, University of Houston Course Description Course: Secure Enterprise Computing: Incident Response and Corporate Forensics Course Number: ITEC 6322 Credit Hours: 3 hours Instructor: Ed Crowley, Instructional Associate Professor Department: Information and Logistics Technology Catalog Description ITEC 6322 3 credit hours Secure Enterprise Computing Enterprise security administration for technology professionals through server operating systems architecture and configuration; hands-on experience with UNIX and Windows operating systems. Course Overview Incident Response (IR) and Corporate Forensics (CF) deal with detective aspects of computer security within an enterprise context. IR goals include answers to the questions: What happened? How did it happen? And who is responsible? CF goals include learning appropriate methodologies for the collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of evidence. Professional incident response frameworks are also presented. The course emphasizes planning and monitoring necessary for the successful detection, isolation and response to security incidents. It examines these issues from administrative, operational and technical perspectives. Significant issues include the creation, implementation and enforcement of the enterprise security policy. It also examines the monitoring and reporting needed to implement and enforce enterprise security policy. Class activities are augmented with laboratory activities. These ‘hands-on’ activities focus on: drive forensics, systems integrity, monitoring and forensics for systems and networks and security tool kits. Learning Objectives At the end of this course, students will be able to: 1. Describe policy and planning necessary for effective enterprise incident response. 2. Define and explain incident response and corporate forensics. 3. List and demonstrate basic incident response and forensic tools and processes. 4. Make an appropriate bit-stream copy of a drive and prepare it for forensics analysis.
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5. Explain the relationship between the monitoring of enterprise digital assets and enterprise policy. 6.
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ITEC-6322_Secure_Enterprise_Computing_Syllabus_2008 -...

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