Exam Questions Summer 2006 - Employment Law- Daniel(3)

Exam Questions Summer 2006 - Employment Law- Daniel(3) -...

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Empire College School of Law Employment Law Professor Daniel Final- Summer 2006 August 10, 2006 Memorandum To: Employment Law Students From: Professor Daniel Date: August 10, 2006 Re: Final Examination – Three Hours _______________________________________________________________________ _ Your final exam consists of three essay questions totaling 90 points. Part I is worth 40 points; Part II is worth 30 points; and Part III is worth 20 points. Up to ten points will be added to your score based upon class participation. I recommend that you divide your time accordingly. You are permitted to use your Statutory Supplement and copies of any statutes handed out during the semester. They are the only materials permitted in the Exam room. You should carefully read each question and outline each answer before you begin. An answer that consists of conclusions with no reasoning will receive little credit. Support all of your conclusions with a full discussion of the issues and the facts; and how the facts apply to the rule(s) of law. If you assume facts that are not given, explain why you need to assume these facts and how they effect your conclusion. If you are handwriting this exam, please write on every other line in your bluebook and write only on one side of each page. Please skip a page between questions and write legibly. If you are using a computer, please double space and begin a new page for each question. Good Luck!
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Empire College School of Law Employment Law Professor Daniel Final- Summer 2006 August 10, 2006 FINAL EXAMINATION PART I (40 Points) You are a new associate in one of Santa Rosa’s leading plaintiffs’ law firms. Your senior partner has asked you to sit in while he talks to a prospective client and then to evaluate the client’s claims. Sidney Singleberry is an African-American man who was employed by Golly Gypsum Company which owns and operates a manufacturing plant in Cotati, California. Singleberry tells you that he was originally hired by Golly at its Torrance, California plant in 1982; that he worked there until 1998 when Golly transferred him to the Cotati facility. Golly has one thousand employees in California (300 at the Cotati plant) and is not unionized. Singleberry, who is a senior maintenance mechanic, was assigned to the graveyard shift at his own request in June 2005. Singleberry explained to his dayshift supervisor that he wanted to change shifts because he was planning to apply to law school and the change would allow him to attend classes and study. Golly was always looking for employees for the graveyard shift, and transferred him immediately. In December 2005, another graveyard shift employee, Jed Loser, told Singleberry’s new supervisor, I.M. Donati that Singleberry had threatened that if he had to work on Christmas “he was going to come in with a gun and start shooting people he did not like.” However, Loser also said he (Loser) was laughing when Singleberry made the statement and didn’t believe that Singleberry was serious. Donati immediately told the plant
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Exam Questions Summer 2006 - Employment Law- Daniel(3) -...

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