Expos Writing Seven Billion Different Realities Living in One Planet

Expos Writing Seven Billion Different Realities Living in One Planet

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Seven Billion Different Realities Living in One Planet The amount of factors that determine how we interpret our individual world is incalculable . It is practically impossible to understand a person’s individual world because the threshold of our senses is not the same and we use our senses in different manners as well . Our personal , cultural, moral, religious, and social value plays in a part that separates the similarities of how we interpret our reality . In many given cases, we also create an inner reality immune from animosities that unconsciously take over our awareness of knowing that we are living in this world . In “Immune to Reality,” Gilbert believes that we have a defensive barrier known as the psychological immune system that protects us from negative emotions by creating a psychological reality . In “The Mind’s Eye,” Sacks considers that an individual world develops from our senses into one’s thoughts and therefore does not rely only on sight to perceive the material world . The mind is flexible and versatile in shifting realms in the needs of avoiding any undesirable experiences . In one’s imagination, one’s creative ability immensely intensifies that can draw one’s experience beyond the limits of reality . In “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning , It Was Friday,” Stout talks about two unfortunate patients with acute cases of dissociation . The title of the novel put an emphasis on Julia, a staggering patient, being unable to recognize the day of the week as her delusions are intermitting with her reality . Dissociative disorder disrupts the lifestyles of Julia and Seth but this experience can also bring light by their complex awareness to their intricately world . The interpretation of our individual worlds does indeed coincide with the agreement that we are the strangers to ourselves from the lack of understanding and the motivation to find meaning of ourselves as we strictly rely on our surrounding that later adjust the nature of us .
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When we come across to a problematic event , we immediately act upon our defensive stance to acknowledge the occasion . Stout uses the example of children who is particularly good at dissociating that “when they encounter traumatic situations , they easily split their consciousness into pieces , often for extended periods of time, the self is put aside and hidden” (Stout 666) . Children, being juvenile in their own characteristic, are blooming to understand
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Expos Writing Seven Billion Different Realities Living in One Planet

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