Expos Writing Perception Overcomes Reality

Expos Writing Perception Overcomes Reality - Perception...

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Perception Overcomes Reality There are many actions that are prone to receive consequences as well as rewards in this unbalance world . Societies repetitively like to compare, differentiate, separate or even discriminate the differences in anything or anyone to see which one thing or person is better than the other . In “The Eyes of the Skin,” Pallasmaa argues that individuals rely too greatly on their eyesight, result in a modification of our sensitivity to create structure such as architectures: consequently, modifies the reality in a depended state solely on observation . In “The Mind’s Eye,” Sacks believes individual perception develops from one’s thoughts and therefore does not require sight to see the real world . The mind is flexible has a strong adaptation to reality by involving our five senses to visualize realism . Nafisi’s memoir “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” describes her reality as an authoritarian society as oppose to a democratic society . Nafisi and her students develop their own virtual reality by imagining happiness, privileges and freedom that can substitute the dictatorial reality . Individual perception refers to the stimuli through which one receives, unifies and understands the experience from the environment . People combine objective and perceptual inputs around their surroundings into their belief system, changing the way they think and behave . One’s perception overcomes the limitations and restrictions in one’s reality by using imagination and senses. Limits are barriers that are difficult bypass its blockage. These obstacles come in all types of causes such as vision loss or rules in society. Physical blindness limits many of actions that one can do to survive and perform daily tasks . It is also exceedingly difficult for them to show what they actually wants to convey and how they are feeling at the moment . Sacks
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declare a man who is blind but bound to say that the missing faculty can be replaced by other modes of conception. He concludes that “deficient in the power of seeing mental pictures can nevertheless give lifelike descriptions of what they have seen, and can otherwise express themselves as if they gifted with a vivid visual imagination” (Sacks 521) . Knowing that blindness is a permanent disability and there are no medical cures available, the only hope is to adjust the way of viewing the reality . A common answer given by blinded people is that by imagining the imaginary world created by their own is an essential way to sustain the discomfort of blindness . Our imagination plays in keeping with our unique perspective; that we can control reality basing on what we perceive
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Expos Writing Perception Overcomes Reality - Perception...

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