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Expos Writing Paper 3 - Consequences of Escaping Reality by...

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Consequences of Escaping Reality by Using Alternations There are issues in life that confront every individual on a daily basis that demands attention and will not go away until one finds an answer to solve the problem . Responsibilities such as paying the bills, taxes, finding a job and maintaining marriages are unavoidable tasks that only take place in reality . These pressing matters, however, can be problematic because it requires a lot of work as they do not have an easy or clear solution . Individual has his or her own personal, cultural, moral, religious, and social value that separates the resemblances of how we look upon each other in reality . However, reality consists of societies that also limits people’s values and force one to adjust to a mutualistic value that reluctantly changes one’s behaviors and actions . Due to the constraints of being pressed in one’s perception to handle in a corrupt society, people often escape reality on their own by deliberately create a false reality . Azar Nafisi’s memoir “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” describes her personal experience living in a rigid society that domineer the comfort, adaptive and flexible of her lifestyle . Nafisi and her selective students develop their own virtual reality by visualizing happiness and privilege that temporary escape from this overbearing reality . Unfortunately, Nafisi believes imagination was not long-lasting enough and it does not provide necessary approach to fix the problems in reality . Disappointingly, sharing thoughts among Nafisi’s students by creating fantasies directs to false impression and end up trapping in the other person’s imagination which makes more complications . In “Immune to Reality,” author Daniel Gilbert believe illusions develop from our psychological immune system which is a defensive mechanism that shields from negative emotions by making experiences more appealing . Illusions are inactions that are time consuming, distorting reality and creating confusion to individuals . People regret inactions
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more than actions because actions show a substantial attempt to fix a matter of life: it builds a positive encouragement on one self . Consequently, an illusion affects no alterations in one’s reality and it illustrates a cowardly manner to sway away from any life problems . It is not beneficial for individuals to use fantasies and/or illusions because these alternations of reality cannot fix the circumstances of one’s existing state and it also has the downside of backfiring
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Expos Writing Paper 3 - Consequences of Escaping Reality by...

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