Expos Writing Functions of Human Rootedness

Expos Writing Functions of Human Rootedness - Functions of...

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Functions of Human Rootedness Many of the Greek philosophers regarded sight as our most vital methods of perception. The Renaissance system of senses looked from a hierarchical aspect being the highest sense, eyes, down to touch. Undoubtedly, our vision is the brain’s mental processor, and it truly has the potential of being one of its kinds. However, focusing on just our vision, the eye has led to a disconnection between our other senses. It has forgotten the importance of what our sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch is capable of doing. Weighting the advantages and disadvantages of each of our perception is counter-productive because the argument is infinite. Using our five senses to complete daily activities, human mastered the wisdom of intellect like no other mammals. We strive for survival; build civilizations and strong empires from one generation to another, upgrading ourselves from ancient to modern in tools and technology to make our life more manageable. By combining the five senses, we can create sophisticated machinery and equipment that operate many of the tasks for us, making our lives easier. We learned from previous mistakes and make adjustments to better outcomes, increase our expectation every time to make improvements. Our mind is the epicenter in making expansion and our senses help to achieve our goals. The feelings of being rooted are the sentiment of fulfillment that all everything in life is satisfied. The function of rootedness in the world is the rapid progressions of what we succeed in doing such as technological advancements, architectural growth, economy improvements and health practices; at the same time, the threat that withholds us from being morally perfect human beings.
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The five senses build up our fundamental differences in terms of our emotions, feelings, personalities, and character. We are who we are by how well our senses react to the environment. When we were young, our senses were new to the surroundings and we constantly tries to absorb the information subconsciously. As time passes by, we
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Expos Writing Functions of Human Rootedness - Functions of...

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