East Asian Civilization The Grand Canal

East Asian Civilization The Grand Canal - The Grand Canal...

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The Grand Canal China had a reputable number in terms of its population and man-strength to develop a man-made structures that could travel thousands of miles . One of the most prominent wall ever built was the Great Wall of China , extending over five thousand miles: a barrier used for protection against incoming invaders . Comparing to the superficial length in man-made structures , the Grand Canal was no exception. The longest man-made waterway ever made, the Grand Canal passes through two different cities and four provinces , extending over thousands of miles . The Grand Canal is a series the waterway connected between valleys, mountains and many small rivers . Not only that it is the longest waterway, the Grand Canal is extremely old, making it a work of art from both the prehistoric and the current times . The Grand Canal had a myriad of histories and its divided into a different part of sections . The sections of the Grand Canal today in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces were in large part a creation by the Sui Dynasty from 581 to 618 AD . As a result, it migrate the economic and agricultural area of China separate from the Yellow River valley . The Grand Canal plays a enormous role in China by increasing its population , economic growth and expansion in many regions, integrating the northern and southern China a single political unit , and ultimately, it is China’s most dominant framework for
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East Asian Civilization The Grand Canal - The Grand Canal...

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