East Asian Civ Final

East Asian Civ Final - 098/214:241 "East Asian...

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098/214:241 "East Asian Civilizations: Traditional Era" Rutgers University Fall 2011 Professor Tschanz Unit 3: Language, Script, and Literature Review Sheet Study this list of questions in preparation for the final Unit 3 essay exam on Wednesday, Dec. 21, 12 noon to 3 pm. Same location as regular class. 1. What are the origins of Chinese characters (according to mythology and historical origins)? Where and when did they originate? How were they used early on? How did they change over time? The development of Chinese characters can be dated back to about 4,500 years as discovered at  Yanghe  Shandong  Province in recent years. There are about a dozen pottery wine vessels unearthed, which have a character each. Those  characters are quite close to the  oracle inscriptions  carved by the ancients of the Shang Dynasty (16th to 11th century  B. C.). Although they appear as pictorial symbols, oracle bone script is a fully functional writing system. The individual characters are not merely pictographs or symbols representing an object, place, activity or event by illustration. Some characters are indicatives or ideographs, which are modified pictographs or non-arbitrary
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East Asian Civ Final - 098/214:241 "East Asian...

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