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Chapter 10 Metaphase II of meiosis vs Metaphase I of meiosis vs metaphase I of mitosis 2) prophase I of meiosis, which phase is the crossing over of chromosomes? 3) If a pair of sister chromatids fails 4. A normal human nucleus at G1 contains ___ chromosomes and ___ chromatids 1. 46; 46 Chapter 11: Mendelian Genetics Dosage Compensation How can the expression of X-linked genes be equivalent in both sexes? If male XY, female XX -Dosage compensation The term “dominant” means that: 3. One allele can mask the expression of another in a hybrid B. Set 2. Problem 1 If a woman and a man who are both herteroozygous for freckles produce a child, what is the
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Unformatted text preview: probability that it will not have freckles c. ¼ Linkage Genes are arranged in a linear order on each chromosome Independent assortment does not apply if two loci are linked close together on the same pair of homologous chromosomes Linkage: tendency for a group of linked genes on the same chromosome to be inherited together Thomas Morgan. Model organism: fruit fly Two-Point Test Cross Most sensitive test for linkage Performed between F1 individuals (heterozygous at both loci) are crossed with double homozygous recessive individuals Examples: BbVvXbbvv (fruit fly)...
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