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Chem 161 Chapter 03 Drills

Chem 161 Chapter 03 Drills - l m l m s for an electron in a...

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Chapter 03 Drills 1) The energy of the radiation carried by 1 mole of photons is 425 kJ/mole. What is the wavelength (in nm) of light carried by a single photon? 2) Calculate the wavelength of light (in nm) emitted when the transition from n = 5 n=3 occurs in the hydrogen atom. 3) Provide all possible combinations of the four quantum numbers (n,
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Unformatted text preview: l , m l , m s ) for an electron in a 4p orbital. 4) 6. The kinetic energy of an electron ejected from the surface of a metal is 2.04 x 10 − 19 J. Calculate the maximum wavelength (in nm) of the light needed to produce the kinetic energy mentioned above if the threshold frequency to eject the electron is 1.64 x 10 14 s − 1 ....
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