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EDUC 2703 Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships Individual Paper Introduction Liberal Studies aims to develop students’ learning ability to construct their own knowledge, think independently and develop positive values and attitudes through studying contemporary issues as entry point to develop specific key concepts in intra- perspective angles. Therefore, a Liberal Studies teaching pack should be in accordance to these underlying principles in order to facilitate students’ ability to acquire and develop the subject knowledge, skills and values related to the topic. In order to achieve effective learning and teaching, it is also important to consider students’ prior knowledge so as to enable students to interpret their own experience after the lessons. All groups’ teaching packs are mainly on the Theme 1 “Understanding Oneself” of Module 1 “Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships”. Working on the topic of compensated dating, this paper aims at evaluating group 2‘s design of their teaching pack, its conceptions, practice and underlying principles of learning and teaching, and suggesting improvements. Evaluation Conception Beginning with the topic of “who should be responsible for compensated dating?”, the group aims at enabling students to acquire knowledge of what is compensated dating, to distinguish the differences between compensated dating and prostitution and to analyze how different factors contributing teenage girls. To broaden students’ knowledge base, the group also aims at developing students’ knowledge on the role of the government, media and society in contributing to compensated dating, understanding the effect of compensated dating in affecting adolescents’ interpersonal development and building up students’ knowledge on how different stakeholders contribute to alleviating the problems brought by compensated dating. In my opinion, this teaching pack demonstrates a high degree of irrelevance concerning the overall conception. It fails to address the relevant key concepts of the module which is vital in leading to effective learning. The topic itself has indicated a narrow focus on only the stakeholders involved in the topic instead of connections to the relevant key concepts of the module in diverse perspectives. It merely shows the connection between the issue and the relevant key concepts of the module. According to the Liberal Studies Curriculum Guide, each module is organised around a central concept relevant to the Area of Study. In this teaching pack, it is clear that the group only emphasizes on the issue itself and its related knowledge and indicates negligence over the relevant concepts of the module. During the lessons, the group simply offers factual information on the definition of compensated dating when compared to prostitution, different contributing factors, government policies and solutions to combat the problems aroused by compensated dating, while government policies on
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a.siu_paper - EDUC 2703 Personal Development and...

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