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Introduction to Mechanical Engineering EML3004C-Fall 2002 Home work #1 Posted: 29 August 02 Due: 5 September 02 1.Conduct an oral interview with a senior in mechanical engineering. (Juniors only when far advanced in M.E.) Mention the name (optional), and his/her projected graduation date. After clear deliberations, find out, a. What are the major changes in the study habits/time management skills/team effort that student needed to do in order stay abreast.
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Unformatted text preview: b. The concept of cumulative learning and how it is essential or otherwise. c. The role of math/physics in engineering and pre-requisite courses in any given course. 2. Select two every day product, e.g. automobile, refrigerator, computer, calculator, bicycle,. . Discuss the role of various engineering that would have gone into making that product. Pay special attention to mechanical engineering Prof. N. C. August 29, 2002...
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