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An Engineer’s Ethical Responsibility Towards Society When Conducting Business Larry Jones Patrius Robinson Tedrick M. Rollings Shannah Trailor Donna Wright Intro to ME September 12, 2003 1
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a moral dilemma. When in the working field, one may encounter a time when they must make an ethical decision. Now most of our decisions are made depending on what we know about certain situations. When dealing with these decisions or problems we by nature go back to what we know. This is where we get confused; how do we make a decision that involves more than just oneself? That is when business ethics comes into play. Sure it is easy to make a decision and live with it, but what is the decision has to be within certain parameters? Having good ethics/morals will lead to great business. If one doesn’t face up or accept the fact that the job done is poor and has a high failure rate then there is no good business present. In the workplace employees must at all times adhere to the company's policies regarding the transmission and storage of the company's confidential and sensitive business records. That means that anything that may come out of that file you would be responsible and held accountable for it’s information being held confidential. In the engineering profession, there is a specific ethical code that defines the way engineers should conduct themselves. Good Ethics and Good Business are key in the longevity and life of a corporation or business. The following individuals are all examples of engineers who closely adhered and exemplified the qualities so strongly upheld in the National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics. Given the “Prize for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility” by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Roger Boisjoly exemplifies what a professional engineer should be. By the year 1985, Roger had accumulated more that twenty five years of experience in the field of aeronautics. In that same year he was called upon to improve the O- rings of the Challenger Space Shuttle. These rings are used to connect portions of Morton Thiokol's Solid Rocket Booster that is responsible for bringing the Space Shuttle into orbit. 2
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team1___paper - An Engineers Ethical Responsibility Towards...

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