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Group #4 Paper EML 3004C-01 Pg. #1 Engineering and the Environment The environment has played a heavy factor in determining design practices of engineers since the day engineering first began. The environment affects what products are built, how they are made, their durability and longetivity, and their practicality. This paper serves to divide the environment into its five most substantial influencing factors, to further explain the effects that the environment has on engineering design practices. Location The location of the product being designed is of great importance in engineering design. When an item is placed in an environment different than where it was built it’s properties change. Sometimes these changes are minimal and do not effect the product at all, but other times they are substantial and can cause catastrophic failures. With this in mind a few examples of where the environment makes a big difference in the design stages of a product are severely hot or cold environments, highly corrosive locations, if it is close to large populations, and the way it will be used. Like on the Challenger when the rubber o-ring failed when the air temperature was to cold, the engineers knew that the o-ring could fail but were ignored and the launch carried out as planned and killed everyone on board. If the engineers would have fixed this problem before it was ever implemented in the solid rocket boosters than there would have never been a problem. On the flip side when some thing gets extremely hot it’s properties change, such as expansion or worse meltdown of an integral part. If a engineer looks at these problems first and fixes them prior to manufacturing the item than it will be better off in the long run. When it comes to corrosion a number of different paths can be chosen to prevent this from happening. If a contractor is building a structure inland away from the oceans than he has very little to worry about, but if he takes the same plans that were drawn up for the item to be built inland and tries to construct it beach side without an engineers consent and then he is not sure if it will last as long with the highly corrosiveness of the
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Group #4 Paper EML 3004C-01 Pg. #2 ocean’s salty air. The changes the engineer could have made would have been as simple as have everything hot dipped galvanized to the extreme of making everything out of stainless steel. When a manufacturing plant is being built near a larger population then different things have to be considered. If the plant is producing toxins then the engineers must figure out a way to dispose of these toxins without harming the nearby inhabitants. They must also find simpler and easier ways to dispose of everyday waste. Form these examples it is clear that there are many ways location in the environment can have great
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team4___paper - Group#4 Paper EML 3004C-01 Pg#1 Engineering...

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