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An engineer designed almost every object you see. Cars, desks, computers, even the chair you’re sitting in. Engineering makes almost every part of our lives better, but what happens when one of the great products of engineering fails? Clearly one of these failures could result in terrible disaster. It is an enormous responsibility to see that all possible measures are taken to prevent these failures. Whose responsibility is it and what actions are taken if this responsibility is not met? There are hundreds of examples when it comes to engineering failures. They could result from human errors, design flaws, material flaws, bad surrounding conditions, or any combination of these. One thing remains the same with every failure, we must learn from our mistakes. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was the longest suspension bridge of its day. It carried along with it the common trends of grace, flexibility, and maximum lightness. This would be the ultimate downfall of the modern marvel. Engineers had not taken into consideration the aerodynamic aspects of suspension bridges. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge had a shape much like that of an airplane wing and under windy conditions would generate lift, causing it to sway back and forth. On the 7 th of November 1940, a large windstorm caused severe and catastrophic damage to the bridge deck. Who was responsible for this disaster? This is once instance in which no one is really responsible. No one knew the wind could cause an effect as major as that, and it was the first time a bridge that big had been built like that. The team of engineers had taken all possible precautionary measures. The failure was due to a lack of knowledge by all and was unpreventable. The Titanic is a well-known engineering failure.
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team9___paper - Take a look around you. An engineer...

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