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Unformatted text preview: Should Engineers Be Licensed Like Doctors? Doctors? Medical Physicist Medical “Medical Physicist “Some people do nuclear Some medicine, others do diagnostic radiology (CT, x-rays, magnetic resonance), others do radiation protection, and other (like me) do radiation therapy physics (for cancer treatment).” (Gonzalez, J. Sept. 10th, 2003) (Gonzalez, Radiation Therapy Radiation “Among other things, I Among have to calculate if the amount of radiation it was delivering was in agreement with measured data.” measured “An incorrectly calibrated An machine may cause serious side effects, including death.” including Radiation Therapy Radiation For this machines, we have a series of For daily checks, weekly checks, monthly and yearly checks. For the daily checks, you could be a technician or a dosimetrist. For the weekly checks, you could be a dosimtrists or a physicist with training in using the equipment. For the monthly checks, you must be a medical physicist. The certification usually depends on national regulations. For example, in the US, to be a certified Medical Physicist you must have a masters degree and 2 years of experience working with a senior medical physicist. Then you have to pass board exams. board Prostate Seed Implants In my case, we also do treatment In planning, dose calculation, dose verification, Brach therapy for cervix, cancer treatment simulation and maybe one or two other things. maybe Brachytherapy is a treatment modality Brachytherapy on which we place radioactive isotopes very close to the target tissue. There are prostate implants, for example, or cesium capsules that are placed inside the vaginal cavity to treat some forms of vaginal and uterine cancer. In Panama we use cesium and we got a new machine called a High Dose Rate machine that works with Iridium. works Death vs. Disaster Death Direct Effect on Direct Human Life Human Responsibility Individual Life Lives of many Example Example 2003 Blackout DISASTER DISASTER On August 24th 1992, Hurricane Andrew struck an On unprepared South Florida and demolished entire neighborhoods. Poorly designed houses were torn apart. 250,000 people were left homeless. Ten years later, a new building code was put in place. later, Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Energy Industry Energy Automobile Industry Automobile Aeronautic Industry Aeronautic Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Aspects of Nuclear Engineering are well regulated Operator License is required to transport, store, and Operator operate nuclear fuel operate Design of is restricted concerning nuclear material. Nuclear License Nuclear Designed structures Designed affecting public safety must be certified by a P.E. P.E. Operators are licensed Operators but other engineers are not. not. There are maintenance There engineering jobs as well as some design work that do not require P.E. certification. certification. The Melt-Down The Having licensed engineers or certified Having P.E’s improves the integrity of the designed or maintained product and reduces costs. reduces Design work concerning public and Design environmental safety should require a license. license. Other design engineers should not have to Other be licensed to prevent over-regulation. be ...
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