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Section 4.7: Modeling Growth and Decay Where A ( t ) = amount present at time t A 0 = A (0) = initial amount present k is the growth (if k > 0) or decay (if k < 0) constant Exponential Growth : A ( t ) = A 0 e kt , k > 0 Exponential Decay : A ( t ) = A 0 e kt , k < 0
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Examples (Uninhibited Growth): 1. The population of Kenya was 13.6 million in 1995 and 29.5 million in 1999. a) Assuming it increases exponentially, find a formula for the population of Kenya (in millions) t years after 1995. b) What will the population be in the year 2005? 2. The population of the United States (in millions) at time t years after 1980 is given by: A ( t ) = 226.5 e 0.0093 t After how many years is the population expected to reach 300 million?
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Unformatted text preview: Examples (Uninhibited Decay): 3. Radioactive strontium-90 decays according to A ( t ) = A e &quot; .0244 t . In 1960, radioactive stontium-90 was released into the atmosphere during testing of nuclear weapons, and was absorbed into peoples bones. How many years does it take until only 10% of the original amount absorbed remains? 4. The voltage of a certain conductor decreases over time according to the law of uninhibited decay: V ( t ) = V e kt , k &lt; 0 . If the initial voltage is 200 volts and 3 seconds later it is 75 volts, then what is the voltage after 5 seconds?...
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4.7supplemental - Examples (Uninhibited Decay): 3....

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