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lawsoflogs - Exponential and Logarithmic Functions log a x...

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Exponential and Logarithmic Functions: log a y x y a x = = ln log , ln x x e e = = where 1 ln x y x = = e y __________________________________________________________ Laws of Logs: 1. log log log a a a MN M N = + 2. log log log a a a M N M N = - 3. log log a p a M p M = ( This law can be very useful in solving equations which have an unknown in the exponent of an expression.) ____________________________________ Be Careful: The above Laws of Logs do not apply to the following. Why? log a M N + ( 29 ( Law 1 involves the sum of two different log terms. This has a sum in the ARGUMENT of a single log term. ) log log a a M N ( 29( 29 ( Law 1 involves a product in the ARGUMENT of a single
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