Chapter 28 Circulation

Chapter 28 Circulation - Chapter 28 Circulation Vocabulary...

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Chapter 28 Circulation Vocabulary Angina – chest pain caused by lack of oxygen Arteriole – vessels branching off of arteries Artery – vessel that carries blood away from the heart Atherosclerosis AV Node – triggers the contraction of the ventricles delayed slightly from the contraction of the atria. Atrium – chamber that collects blood Blood Blood clotting Blood vessel Capillary – blood travels here to diffuse. Wastes, nutrients, gasses, and hormones are exchanged between the blood and body cells. Cardiac cycle Closed circulatory system Erythrocyte – red blood cells Fibrin – binds white blood cells together to clot Fibrinogen – turns into fibrin by thrombin Heart Heart attack – caused by a blockage of the coronary artery Hemoglobin – attached to red blood cells that allows oxygen to attach to the cell Hypertension – high blood pressure Interstitial fluid – fluid leaked from blood plasma in the capillaries Leukocyte – white blood cell Lymph – similar to interstitial fluid Lymphatic system – responsible for returning interstitial fluid to the blood stream, transporting fats, and exposing bacteria to white blood cells Lymph node – lymph fluid is pushed through and lymphocytes are created Lymphocyte – type of white blood cell that produce antibodies Macrophage – white blood cells that ecape through the capillary walls at sites of injury, often dying and turning into pus. Open circulatory system Pacemaker Plaque – deposits that cause the walls of arteries to thicken Plasma – primary component of blood, 90% water, with proteins, hormones etc. Platelet
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Chapter 28 Circulation - Chapter 28 Circulation Vocabulary...

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