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Course Outline - Psych 211: Developmental Psychology FALL...

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Psych 211: Developmental Psychology FALL 2011 Course Location : Arts Lecture Hall 116 Meeting Times: 4:30 to 5:50pm Instructor: Mathieu Le Corre Office Number: PAS 4010 Office Hours: By appointment COURSE EMAIL: Email “all course faculty” on ACE. If you need to reach me (Prof. Le Corre), DO NOT email me directly. Email “all course faculty” and ask to be put in touch with me. The TAs will make sure that I get back to you promptly. Teaching assistants Shaylene Nancekivell Office Number: PAS 4016 Office Hours: Tuesday, 1:30 to 2:30pm Adam Petrashek Office Number: PAS 4016 Ami Rints Office Number: PAS 4017 Office Hours: Thursday,3pm to 4pm Ragini Suresh Office Number: PAS 4012 Office Hours: Thursday, 9am to 10am Course Description This course will present a survey of classic and recent research on child development. Topics to be covered include: the IQ controversy; origins of knowledge of objects, number, space, and mind; emotional development; and the impact of family and peers on personality development. Course Objectives The course aims to introduce students to the fundamental issues in cognitive, perceptual, and emotional development. It also aims to familiarize them with the scientific methods that have been developed to answer developmental questions, and with the phenomena that have been discovered with these methods.
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Required Text Kail, R. V. & Barnfield, A. (2009). Children and their Development: Custom Edition for Developmental Psychology, Psych 211 . Pearson, Prentice Hall. AVAILABLE ON RESERVE AT PORTER FOR 3 HOUR LOAN OR Kail, R. V. & Barnfield, A. (2009). Children and their Development. Pearson, Prentice Hall. (The complete edition). Lecture Notes (PowerPoint slides) Lecture notes (PowerPoint slides) will be made available on the course website within the hour following the end of class. Podcasts. All lectures will be recorded and turned into podcasts. Pending technical difficulties, the podcast of a lecture will be available two to three days after the lecture. To access the podcasts, go to: The USER ID is: psych211f11. The PASSWORD is: lecorre211. Evaluations Tests (100%). Students will take two midterms and a final exam. The final exam will take place during the final examination period. The exam with the highest score will be worth 40%; the other two will be worth 30% each . All questions on the exams will be multiple-choice. The midterms and the final exam will not be cumulative. See the course schedule for test dates. The Official Version of the Course Outline If there is a discrepancy between the hard copy outline (i.e., if students were provided with a hard copy at the first class) and the outline posted on ACE, the outline on ACE will be deemed the official version. Outlines on ACE may change as instructors develop a course, but they become final as of the first class meeting for the term. Students with Disabilities
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Course Outline - Psych 211: Developmental Psychology FALL...

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