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Lecture 6 - Physics Schema objects fall unless supported...

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Developmental Pysch 211: Lecture 6 Generalization Question (Max Difficulty) 30 to 40% of exam. Accommodating what the earth is like and changing the idea to fit his physics schema. When you get equilibration you change your schema, Assimilation: - Integration of new experiences into old schemas. Accommodation: - Keep same schema but change it a bit so it fits with new experience. Equilibration: - Replace old schema with new one that does better job of organizing all experiences.
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Unformatted text preview: Physics Schema: objects fall unless supported from below. Throw out new schema and come up with a new one. Piaget: behaviour are not accidents, they mean something about our bio and psycho development. Repetitive behaviour, and these behaviours are part of the building tools of intelligence known as circular reactions. Difference there is a concern of what the repetitive behaviour is directed at....
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