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assignment 8 - your local farmers market Nutritional value...

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Eric Slover December 6, 11 Assignment 8 “If we have the choice of using our purchasing power in our local economy, or buying products imported, under fair terms of trade, from some of the world’s poorer nations, is there any merit in keeping our money within our own community?” The implicit statement posted above is simply saying that by eating locally grown foods, we are stimulating our local economy instead of supporting 3rd world countries. And it also states if there is any reward of keeping our money in our own community. If we continue to spend our money on factory farm grown food, then we are supporting other communities, other nations, and even other worlds. When you buy direct from local farmers, your dollars stay within your community, and strengthen the local economy. Produce and other foods from an outside place can't be that fresh. Produce picked and eaten at the height of freshness tastes better, which can be accessed by just going down to
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Unformatted text preview: your local farmers market. Nutritional value declines as time passes after harvest. Because locally grown produce is freshest, it is more nutritionally complete. They worry about residues of pesticides and fungicides. These materials are not permitted in an organic production system either before or after harvest. Organic farmers selling locally are not limited to the few varieties that are bred for long distance shipping, high yields, and shelf life. Often they raise and sell wonderful unusual varieties you will never find on supermarket shelves. Locally grown organic foods are seen clearly for the value they are, even if they cost a few pennies more. By eating locally, like Mason and Singer argue, the local economies of every state can be stimulated when people buy food that is grown close to their homes....
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