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Eric Slover November 21, 11 Final Draft Self-Motivated Hero Sometimes a character may be pushed over the edge by our materialistic society to discover his or her true roots, which can only be found by going back to nature where monetary status was not important. In “Selections from Into The Wild, ” Jon Krakauer reveals the truths about Chris McCandless’ epic journey through the retracing of all his moves. McCandless left all of his possessions and began a trek across the Western United States, which eventually brought him to the place of his demise-Alaska. Jean Twenge writes about the realities of the current society in her essay “An Army of One: Me,” and the positive and negative affects of the people living in it, including herself. She discovers and makes the connection that people are changing due to the self-esteem movement, both physically and mentally. McCandless’ rugged individualism and his fondness of nature classify him as a “drop-out” of the ignorant and arrogant GenMe society. His ideas of reward and experience drive McCandless to strive for a more motivated and simple life. Chris McCandless needed to escape his past experiences and forget about his former life, which can be considered a leading force to why he became a naturist-- someone yearning to live in the wild with no connection to society. He must have realized that the path he was strolling was eventually going to lead to a life that could be replicated by anybody else who was growing up at the time. McCandless needed to be extraordinary for once. Instead of being a duplicate of someone else, he took it upon himself to go into the wild and become unique, something that GenMe is incapable of
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Eric Slover November 21, 11 Final Draft doing. Not only does GenMe lack the traits of exploration and being in touch with nature, but we are also un-unique. When someone tells us how something should be done, we follow the exact orders that we receive so that the outcome is exact, not using any creativity or striving to make the request better. “Students (people) look and act like what the [self-esteem] theories say they should look and act like” (Twenge, 491). GenMe is a generation where replication is applauded, but Chris McCandless did not fancy replication, nor did he believe that GenMe was a generation for him, but he did believe that going into the wild was indeed an escape of GenMe’s ill-deceived powers. McCandless wanted and needed to get away so he could re-live his life as a rugged
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smh assignment 5 final - Eric Slover November 21, 11 Final...

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