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Chris McCandless went out to discover himself in the woods. What would cause a bright and “clean-shaven man” (Krakauer, 204) to leave his safe environment and venture into the wild? It could have been something in his home life, or maybe it was his desire to be living by himself, or maybe ““it was something he’d wanted to do since he was a little boy”” (Krakauer, Stuckey, 205) but his motivation to execute his plan was impeccable, especially sine self-motivation is a trait that many lack in GenMe. The self-motivation found in McCandless is unusual. The path he was following before his journey was a one-way road for disaster, as his life would be like any others. His determination to be out in the wild, especially when the Alaskan terrain wasn’t offering many resources to survive off of, shows that his ability to be his own person. His strive led him to the realization that after all he was awarded with in the wild, he wanted to be apart of the
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