chapter 15 review

chapter 15 review - Chapter 15 Abnormality, therapy, and...

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Chapter 15 Abnormality, therapy, and social issues. Defining Abnormal Behavior •Anything outside the norm? That would include exceptionally happy people. •Severe depression would be called normal if it happened often enough. •Allow people to decide for themselves? Works in some cases, not all. •The American Psychiatric Association in 1994 defined abnormal behavior as anything that leads to distress, disability, or increased risk of death or loss of freedom, for oneself or others. •Problem: Martin Luther King would be considered abnormal. •Define abnormal behavior as undesirable? To whom? (Government?) •Decades ago, homosexuality was considered a mental illness by the APA, until researchers showed how well adjusted many homosexual people are. Views of abnormality Varied over the years: demon possession still a popular view of mental illness. Ancient Greece: mental illness results from imbalance of 4 fluids: blood, phlegm, bile, black bile. (sanguine, phlegmatic (calm), choleric (easily angered), melancholic (sad)) respectively. Traditional Chinese philosophy: personality cycles with 5 seasons of change: Spring, (anger), Summer (joy), Late summer (meditation), autumn (worry) winter (fear.) Excessive response leads to abnormalities. The Biopsychosocial Model
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chapter 15 review - Chapter 15 Abnormality, therapy, and...

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